Climbing Family Trees: Our Family's Contribution To This Country by Joan Norman

Climbing Family Trees

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Our Family's Contribution To This Country by Joan Norman

“Our Family’s Contribution To This Country” by Joan Norman

Thanks to good records and the Internet, my husband and I have been able to trace a tremendous amount of our family’s history. It gets deep after awhile, as you start with yourself, then your Mother and Daddy's records, then two different grandparents (that's 4!), then their parents, (that's 8!), then 16 etc.

One set of grandparents came from Holland. They had ten children and lived in Bedford, Virginia for a while, later moving to Buffalo Mountain on the Skyline in Virginia. From those ten children we have been able to trace over 4,000 descendents living in the United States! Thomas Jefferson gave this country his great knowledge, but never had any children. This family gave our country over 4,000 citizens since 1768. Many records in Virginia were destroyed in the Civil War, but my family history research has given my present family the knowledge that we have helped the U.S.A. to grow. My ancestors came from England, Scotland, Holland, and Germany. I love doing my


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