Climbing Family Trees: Custom Tour by Ron Bremer

Climbing Family Trees

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Custom Tour by Ron Bremer

“Custom Tour”
Ron Bremer
Paradise, Utah
A woman, who was a home economics teacher, was able to attend an annual convention in Illinois in the county of her ancestors. When everyone broke for the long lunch hour, she headed for the local cemetery to find her grandparents’ tombstones. When she arrived there she couldn’t believe how huge the cemetery was. Being religious by nature, she said a prayer, opened the car door to get out and searched for the stones in question. All of a sudden she heard her grandfather’s voice say, “I am over here, Honey.” She walked a long way, but walked right to his burial site. Her grandmother’s tombstone was there right next to him. After she had taken pictures of both tombstones, another voice said, “I am over here, Honey.” Another voice directed her to the burial site of two of her great grandparents! This same thing happened again the third time for her other great grandparents! She got a custom tour of the cemetery that day!


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