Climbing Family Trees: Stronger Than Stone by Karen Baker

Climbing Family Trees

More great stories, poems, and helpful hints about genealogy and searching for your family's roots from the twin authors of "Climbing Family Trees: Whispers In The Leaves"

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Stronger Than Stone by Karen Baker

“Stronger than Stone”
Karen Baker
While hunting for ancestral burial sites one day, a large grave marker fell on my cousin and crushed her leg. Mom simply lifted that granite headstone off my cousin's leg, tossed it aside and rushed her to the hospital. Two days later, it took three grown men to shove and nudge it back where it belonged. Later, Mom said that she knew that the deceased relatives whose information she was searching for helped her lift and throw it back. She was quite a spiritual woman and at her death she had traced our lineage back to 1470.


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