Climbing Family Trees: Mary Wanted To Be Found by Madonna Davis Marks

Climbing Family Trees

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mary Wanted To Be Found by Madonna Davis Marks

“Mary Wanted To Be Found”
Madonna Davis Marks
Recently, I went to a local cemetery where I have numerous relatives buried. I went to take pictures of their tombstones to add to my records in my Family Tree Maker software. It was a Sunday so I knew the office would be closed. My great Aunt Mary is buried there, but I had never visited the site and had no idea where it was. I was very close to my Great Aunt Mary when she was alive and thought she was one of the best women I had ever met. She had a wonderful Irish brogue. I'd visit her every St. Patrick's Day so that my children could do their Irish Dancing for her.

While in the cemetery that day I roamed through the section where I knew one of the tombstones was located. Something made me cross the road. I did a 180-degree turn to my left and I was staring at my Aunt Mary's stone! I almost fell over! I never imagined I could find her gravesite because the cemetery was so large. I started to cry because I knew Mary must have led me there.


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