Climbing Family Trees: Flowers From Heaven by Tracey Long

Climbing Family Trees

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Flowers From Heaven by Tracey Long

Another woman shares a sweet and personal story that testified to her that the heavens are not closed, but only unseen. Grandparents who have passed on are still just as concerned about their family, although they may now be across an unseen veil that separates heaven and earth. She had been feeling very alone in the world after a recent divorce. Her world had crumbled and turned out quite opposite from what she had hoped for in her life.

A close friend of hers was aware of her grief and went to a nursery to buy her some flowers as a thoughtful gesture. She looked down the aisles of colorful flowers and thriving plants and reached out for one she thought would cheer her friend. Her friend relayed the experience that internally she heard a soft voice say, “No, not that one.” Puzzled, she shook her head and reached out for it again agreeing to herself that it was perfect. Again the sweet voice spoke to her, “No, not that one. Choose this one.” Her eyes were turned to another plant with dainty little purple flowers. “Surely this plant isn’t as cheerful as the brightly colored plant I liked better, “she thought to herself. Then, as if arguing with some internal voice, she finally relented and quickly purchased the more humbly potted plant. As she gave it to her friend, she apologized for its lack of color but said she just felt it was supposed to be for her. The woman receiving the simple gift looked at her in amazement with tears in her eyes and asked, “How did you know?” “Know what?” she asked. “My grandmother used to always give me these flowers when I was a little girl and when I was feeling blue.” Heaven may not be as far as we think.


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