Climbing Family Trees: Keeping A 30 Year Old Appointment by Warren G. Cantrell

Climbing Family Trees

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Keeping A 30 Year Old Appointment by Warren G. Cantrell

“Keeping a 30 year old Appointment”
Warren G. Cantrell

As a young man, he became interested in his family genealogy. After awhile it became his life’s work. So much so, that he decided to go to DeKalb County, Tennessee where his ancestors were from. After he arrived there, he decided to drive to the area where his ancestors had lived. It was a beautiful valley. He spotted an old house and drove up to see if anyone there knew anything about the Cantrells. As he was closing his car door, a lady stepped out onto her front porch. She said to him, “Where have you been? Everyone in this valley is a Cantrell descendant and exactly thirty years ago we all had the same dream that you would drive up here like you just did. So in preparation for this event, we all gathered together our old family records, Bibles, documents, pictures, stories and other artifacts and put them in this old trunk here on the porch. They have been here now for thirty years. We knew that you would show up some day, but we never knew when!” By this time, both she and Mr. Cantrell were in tears. They hugged each other and she invited him in while she called the rest of the relatives and told them to come over right away because “the man in our dreams has finally arrived.”


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