Climbing Family Trees: On Research by Leona Bammes Gardner

Climbing Family Trees

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

On Research by Leona Bammes Gardner

“On Research”
Leona Bammes Gardner

“The spirit of genealogy has come to our house to stay,
To keep us doing tedious research day by day.
It strikes me in the daytime, and gets me in a stew.
At night it drags me out of bed to hunt another clue.
It haunts me, and taunts me, as after names I scout;
And the research bug’ll get you if you don’t watch out!
I write to distant places for photographs so rare;
And haunt the archives weekly to gather data there.
I fill out family group sheets from books I get on call,
I hardly like to take the time for other work at all.
I haven’t stopped to wonder just what it’s all about,
But the research bug has got ME, so you’d best watch out!

I went to see a neighbor just to pass the time of day;
He soon brought out his record books for me to check and say,
I spent the whole blame morning, and half the afternoon,
Arranging charts and pedigrees, the time passed by so soon!
But when I’d finished copying, he gave a lusty shout;
And the research bug’ll get YOU if you don’t watch out!

One day when feeling lonely, my aunt I went to see;
Before I knew what happened, we were in the family tree!
The argument waxed hotly; I let the storm abate,
Then simply brought my records out, to show I had the date.
And though her grin was sheepish, there isn’t any doubt,
That the research bug’ll get HER, if she don’t watch out!

Now let me sound a warning: If to research you apply,
Yourself you’ll never be cured of it, no matter what you try.
For when you think you have them all–the names, the dates, the town,
Another name or date pops up! You’re off, till it’s tracked down!
So don’t you ever start unless you know what you’re about,
Cause the research bug’ll get YOU, if you don’t watch out!!


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