Climbing Family Trees: Whispers From My Pioneers by Sheri Pherigo

Climbing Family Trees

More great stories, poems, and helpful hints about genealogy and searching for your family's roots from the twin authors of "Climbing Family Trees: Whispers In The Leaves"

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Whispers From My Pioneers by Sheri Pherigo

I ask myself everyday "Where do I belong?" and "Where did I come from?"
And so I seek and look and leave no stone unturned.I found where my pioneer ancestors have crossed the plains and prairie, walking until their feet had blisters and bled. With nothing but blankets to cover their cold souls, many times with no food in their stomachs they lay, dying along the way.
Makeshift graves left unmarked along the trail, and bodies left behind replaced dreams of new lives and hopeful spirits.
I feel their souls, pushing me to explore the unknown as they once did."Find me!" I hear, "Learn from me" I am told.
"Don't walk away, for I can teach you the values of life...values of the unknown life as it was and life as it is now..." Yet we don't listen. Have things changed that much? Is life easier?
Listen to the voices crying in the wind. They whisper secrets of life...the lives that once walked the earth and made our great country. All we have to do is listen to our hearts and the answers are there.


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