Climbing Family Trees: 15 Century Ancestors Come Back To The Rescue by Renee Warring

Climbing Family Trees

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

15 Century Ancestors Come Back To The Rescue by Renee Warring

“15 Century Ancestors Come Back to the Rescue”
Renee L. Warring
In November of 2004 my friend, Caroline, contacted me at the request of her mother. Her grandmother left her father and moved from Fiji to Zimbabwe, Africa when her mother was just a baby, refusing to talk about him or his family. I looked into my records and found the man they were looking for. We had members of our web site surname group that were related! I contacted the group and asked the related parties to contact her. I sent Caroline and her mother a family chart that I had made that showed information on her family back to the 1500's. They were thrilled.

A month went by and I had assumed that the proper connections had been made, but on December 24th Caroline contacted me. She was in tears. Her mother had died that day in her arms. No one from my group had contacted them and her mother had died without truly knowing who she was. I was heart-broken too, but it got me motivated. I contacted the relations directly and let them know about Caroline. They quickly started conversing with her. It turned out that out that she has living relatives, including a brother of her grandfather, and a sister to her mother.

At this date, Caroline has been conversing with her great uncle and her aunt. This web site surname group has opened up a whole new world for her and she is planning a trip to England and America to meet with her relatives! This story is a good lesson that nothing is impossible when you put your heart into it. It's still sad that her mother died without knowing her living relatives, but Caroline has been able to bounce back wonderfully from her loss. She lost a mother, but gained a family. It took my 15th century family history chart to open up a whole new world for this family half a world away. If it hadn't been for this research group she may never have found her answers.


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