Climbing Family Trees: Guide to Irish Genealogy

Climbing Family Trees

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Monday, February 06, 2012

Guide to Irish Genealogy

One of these days I'm going to get over to Ireland as an excuse to travel and do my genealogy!  Many Americans have some ancestry that leads them to the beautiful green island.  We wear our Irish heritage with pride on St. Patrick's Day, but we often have trouble doing the research to discover our roots!

I found a terrific online genealogy resource kit for tracing your ancestry in Ireland!   You can check out their genealogy pack when you
 Click Here!

If you purchase this pack from them, you will learn about the following:
  • What you will need to begin your search.
  • Information on how to research your roots
  • History of Irish Genealogy Data
  • Details of records available on the Internet
  • Details of records available offline and how and where to locate this historical data.
  • Tools that will simplify your search for your ancestors, such as pedigree charts and family tree templates and other useful research tools.
The document outlines the different resources at your disposal to allow you to access Irish genealogy records for tracing your Irish Family Tree. It is structured in a step by step manner whereby the most readily available resources (i.e. those on the internet) are outlined first. This makes the process more user friendly, whereby if you find information about your ancestors early in your search, it makes subsequent searches of offline resources in Ireland and Worldwide much more straightforward.

May the luck of the Irish be with you!  To get access to all of these great Irish records,  Click Here!

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