Climbing Family Trees: Step By Step Guide

Climbing Family Trees

More great stories, poems, and helpful hints about genealogy and searching for your family's roots from the twin authors of "Climbing Family Trees: Whispers In The Leaves"

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Step By Step Guide

I recently discovered this terrific book!
It's called "The Step-By-Step Genealogy Guide" with family tree charts, research forms, and instructions.  He covers all the basics and compares a lot of other products out there to help make your family history sleuthing easier.

He offers a 100% money-back guarantee, which you don't often find in books!   You can even download it quickly and start reading it today.

Check it out!

Some of the material covered is:
Chapter 1: Getting Started

(Learn Exactly How to Get Things Started)

•Short Introduction

•Paperwork in Order

•Family Interviews

•Initial Databases

•Government Sources

•Leaning on Others

•References/ Action items

Chapter 2: How to Complete a Family Tree Chart

(Learn The Mechanics and What All The Sections Mean)

•Mastering the Six-Generation Family Tree Chart

•Step-by-Step: Generations One Through Three

•Step-by-Step: Generations Four Through Six

•Seven Generations and Beyond

Chapter 3: Searching Cemeteries

(Where to Find Free Cemetery Search Websites)

•How to Start

•Cemeteries Online

•Visiting a Cemetery

•Cleaning a Headstone

•References/ Action items

Chapter 4: Searching Public Records

(The Best Free Accurate Public Record Sources)
•Legal Names & Birth Dates

•Office of Vital Records

•Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs

•The U.S. Census

•Local Courthouses

•Other Public Record Sources

•References/ Action items

Chapter 5: Genealogy Reunion

(How To Best Approach Your Living Relatives)

•Reunion Committee

•Committee Agenda

•At the Reunion

•Reunion Warning

•References/ Action items

Chapter 6: The LDS Utah Center

(EVERYTHING You Need to Know The LDS)

•The Website

•Preparing for Your Visit

•LDS Orientation

•Doing Research

•References/ Action items

Check it out!

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