Climbing Family Trees: Do celebrities have better roots than the rest of us?

Climbing Family Trees

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Do celebrities have better roots than the rest of us?

Former "Friends" star Lisa Kudrow is taking celebs back to their roots for the family tree reality series "Who Do You Think You Are?" "It's far from the E! True Hollywood Story.

We have a tendency to put celebrities on a pedestal. No show has treated stars this way before,' Dan Bucatinsky added. "Who Do You Think You Are?" is a 42-minute show with commercials, and producers are working closely with a team of historians and genealogists to trace back celebs' roots. is working on a partnership with online genealogy powerhouse to create a cross-platform interactive Web site to coincide with the launch of the series. The hope is that people will tune in because it's Sarah Jessica Parker or Susan Sarandon," Kudrow said.

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