Climbing Family Trees: My Spiritual Homing Device by Brenda Sanders

Climbing Family Trees

More great stories, poems, and helpful hints about genealogy and searching for your family's roots from the twin authors of "Climbing Family Trees: Whispers In The Leaves"

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My Spiritual Homing Device by Brenda Sanders

“My Spiritual Homing Device”
Brenda Sanders
I have had many spiritual experiences. The most recent one is about doing some research on a Dockery family line. I had been to the library and looked up the death certificate on a woman, finding her tombstone in the cemetery on her actual birthday. I find that interesting. The next day I went to a different cemetery to look for a particular couple. The husband had died in 1904, so I knew I wouldn't find his information in Vital Records. The night before I went to the cemetery I had an impression of where they were buried in the cemetery. The next day I found them with very little effort in that exact spot. I had, somehow, seen the spot before in my mind’s eye.


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