Climbing Family Trees: Gentle Folk - Author Unknown

Climbing Family Trees

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Gentle Folk - Author Unknown

“Gentle Folk”
Author Unknown

It's nice to come from gentle folk
Who wouldn't stoop to brawl.
Who never took a lusty poke
At anyone at all!

Who never raised a raucous shout
At any country inn,
Or calmed an ugly fellow lout
With a belaying pin!

Who never shot a revenuer
Hunting for a still,
Who never rustled cattle
and agreed with Uncle's will!

Who lived life as they ought
without uncouth distraction,
And shunned like leprosy a thought
of taking legal action!

Its nice to come from gentle folk
Who've never known disgrace,
But oh, though scandal is no joke
It’s far easier to trace!

(A revenuer was a person working for the government who was responsible for halting the unlawful distilling or bootlegging of alcohol.)


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